Bone Carving

bone carving

Many people consider bone carving as a simple hobby. Actually, it is more than just a hobby; it is a form of art, a way of expression. In order to complete such an activity, bone carving requests special techniques and carving tools. However, the process is quite simple and any committed, diligent and patient artist could easily learn it.

What Do You Need for Bone Carving

As in any other arts, bone carving requires some important elements. These are composed from skills, tools and materials; they are explained by the following paragraphs.

  • Imagination and Creativity: These two important characteristics are the key-elements in any art activity. Besides them, handicraft skills are especially required. Without these important elements, the artist is not able to complete any exceptional bone carvings; maybe he could create some mediocre art pieces.
  • Reasons: In order to be a bone carving dedicated artist, you need to have one or more reasons that urge you towards this art. One of these reasons is represented by passion which should be the base in anything we do. Another reason is the collectors’ request to have various bone carvings. Besides being some great collectible items, these pieces of art are wonderful ideas for presents and decorations.
  • Ideas: In order to know how to apply the carving techniques and use different materials, you need to follow the bone carving guidelines which are described below. If you combine these guidelines with original ideas, you are going to create wonderful and unique arts that emphasize different details of your work.
  • Tools and Materials: If you are a newbie, you have to start exploring this art by learning the materials and tools that you need. Some of the carving tools are the sandpaper, round files, engraving chisels, hand drill, coping saw, etching knife and scrapers. Once you have gathered all these items, you can begin your bone carving project.

Bone Carving Guidelines   

In order to successfully create wonderful bone carvings, you have to follow specific guidelines. The following is a small guide which is going to help you with your project.

  • Starting the Project: When you wish to complete a certain project, you have to look for pictures, drawings or images. In case that you have your own ideas, you should draw them on a piece of paper. As well, visualizing the appearance, style and size is another essential thing. This way, you make sure that the bone carving is going to follow a specific design.
  • Preparing the Bone: Once you clarify the details of your bone carving project, you have to prepare the materials and tools. You need to use a pencil to draw the design and a saw to cut the model that you wish. After that, you have to prepare a mixture by combining water and liquid soap and soak the piece inside for one day; remove it and let it dry in direct sunlight.
  • Bone Carving Process: By using the etching knife and the round files, you can start to carve the design. After you finish the carving, use the sandpaper to remove any surface roughness.

You can also find more information related to bone carving techniques on the specialized websites. As well, you can check your local area artisans who can help you with significant details related to this wonderful art. With the right guidance, you are going to create the most wonderful bone carvings, some real masterpieces.